Joint Services operation on East Coast bearing fruit

Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee has said that the Joint Services operation in Buxton on the East Coast is bearing fruit in relation to a sense of safety that law-abiding citizens of the community are feeling, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported.

Minister Rohee also congratulated members of the Joint Services for carrying out what he referred to as a continued operation in the Buxton community.

“The Joint Services have been working pretty hard. They have been long at this making what is being described in sections of the media as a `dent’ in the Buxton gang. I think they ought to be congratulated,” Rohee was quoted by GINA as saying.

However, the minister emphasized that his congratulations must not be interpreted to mean that shooting criminals signifies that they are doing a good job. He added that when the police are engaged in action of this type, wanted persons could possibly get hurt.

“We are still living in the AK-47 syndrome. There are people out there who have a sense of fear so as long as these weapons are out there, there is danger out there and the army has been given a clear mandate by the President himself that they must find these weapons

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