Georgetown Chamber concerned about luggage breaches at airport

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry says it is deeply concerned about the security lapses at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, particularly the placing of illegal drugs into the luggage of unsuspecting passengers.

In a press release the Chamber said reports of finds of illegal substances in passengers’ suitcases, on October 26 and on previous occasions, indicate a disturbing trend. It said “innocent persons, including members of the business community, could be victims of this kind of activity” and the consequences could be “extremely embarrassing and far reaching.” Such incidences create emotional suffering; the victim is recorded as a suspect and is registered into the police system in addition to the embarrassment and injury to one’s reputation which is not easily erased.

The Chamber said it will be engaging the relevant authorities on this matter and making recommendations “to reduce this kind of invasion of personal security.”

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