I was imprisoned because of a malicious report

Dear Editor,

My incarceration in the Camp Street prison was a terrible nightmare. It all started on June 21st 2007 with a former girlfriend of mine who I decided not to have a relationship with because of her promiscuous life style. She became vindictive and went to the Police Headquarters Eve Leary and from her own admission paid a Senior Officer with favours to have me arrested and put into prison on a charge for overstaying my time in Guyana.

1. How can I overstay my time when there was an extension up to the time my passport became expired?

2. Can a Commonwealth Citizen living in Guyana for three and half years be an illegal immigrant?

My life is in grave danger if I return to my native country, Jamaica. Magistrate Mellissa Robertson Ogle ruled in my favour for me to reside in Guyana. The Home Affairs Minister Hon. Clement Rohee also has knowledge of my situation yet I spent 24 days in prison when I could have been released on a bail bond until my case was resolved. This was a grave injustice.

Last but not least I am imploring the Minister to try their best to root out the incompetent and corrupt officers within the Police.

Yours faithfully,

Jan-Hoy Cassells

Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to the Commissioner of Police for any comments he may wish to make.

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