The minister takes a stand on forestry

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to Mr. Robert Persaud for his stand on the forestry fraud including the fines and suspended concessions. It is a joy to know that a minister is finally doing his job. Let us congratulate him, he seems to be one of the few that is getting the job done.

We must now ensure that the fines are paid by Barama and we also need to seriously examine whether these are grounds for termination of their concessions.

As regards the local operators, their concessions should be confiscated. They have been doing this for a long time. I attach a picture taken at Supenaam. This is a popular sight almost every week and the same happens at Charity too.

We must get down to business and get serious about this issue. There are lots of alternatives to destroying our forest.

Yours faithfully,

Vincent Ferreira

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