Fans would pay higher ticket prices for the Kashif and Shanghai tournament

Dear Editor,

My cricket comes first and right after that, it’s football (my favourite local football team is Pele). I would like someone to tell me what’s happening with the Kashif & Shanghai Football Tournament that I’ve gotten the chance to attend for the last five years. The government has asked the Promoters to pay VAT for the annual tournament and it seems as if Kashif & Shanghai have given up because of this.

I would like the promoters to note two things:

1. The love of the game should make them go the extra mile.

2. The players and fans are what make this tournament a success every year, not the government.

I thought that this tournament was designed to help youths become more involved in extra curricular activities, a motivator and a stepping stone for exposer to their dreams. Invest in ghetto youths; let them see that playing helps to develop their club (prize money should go towards the club), give them something to smile about.

Mr. Mohamed and Mr. Major go ahead and raise the price of the tickets, we’ll buy them because we love the game. I’m looking forward to seeing players like Travis ‘Zarro’ Grant and Troy ‘Kelly’ Kellman play. Go Pele!!

Yours faithfully,

Keisha Assanah

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