Eze Rockcliffe held after noise nuisance report Patrons upset at

Patrons upset at police attitude

Eze Rockcliffe, leader of the Yoruba Singers band was arrested by police last night while in the middle of a performance at the CCWU’s usual Friday night gathering because of a noise nuisance report.

Heavily armed policemen descended on the Quamina Street location of the Clerical & Commercial Workers Union and seized Rockcliffe amidst strong objections from the persons gathered. The police briefly explained that persons in the area had complained of being affected by the noise at CCWU.

Rockcliffe, who was playing with his band at the time, was taken to the Brickdam lock-ups where he was being held up to press time last night.

Columnist Allan Fenty was among the Friday night revellers at CCWU, but was outside of the venue when the incident occurred. He told Stabroek News that it is likely mourners opposite CCWU at a wake might have been affected by the music.

Fenty empathised with the mourners, but criticized police ranks for the manner in which they operated, particularly as it relates to Rockcliffe. He said that the celebrations could have been muted and a warning sounded. Fenty questioned what could have prompted the arrest of Rockcliffe.

He said further that Rockcliffe and his band would usually play at CCWU on Fridays and that he would show up to be part of the celebrations. He said Rockcliffe was treated harshly and was handled in manner that raises questions. Fenty said too, that the entire episode angered him.

The Yoruba Singers is Guyana’s oldest surviving band which still entertains crowds at various venues across the city.

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