Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson yesterday remanded to prison a 14-year-old boy who allegedly stole a DVD player from a woman’s home.

The teen pleaded not guilty to the charge of simple larceny. It is alleged that on December 13, the teen stole a DVD player valued $50,000 from Shondel Madison.

Madison, who was also present in court, said that on the day in question she had left the 14-year-old watching a movie while she went to take a nap. She said she had told him that when the movie was finished, he should turn the television off and leave through the front door. Madison said the teen later went to her room and told her he was leaving. However, she said when she got up later that day, she noticed that the DVD player it was missing. She said she immediately went to the teen’s home and enquired from his brother, who was there at the time, what his brother had done with the DVD player. She said the brother told her he had seen the teen with it but he did not know where he had put it.

She said later that day when the teen got home she asked him for her DVD player and he denied having it. Madison then made a report at the police station. Madison told the court that she would not offer any evidence against the teen if she was given back her DVD player or was recompensed for it.

However, the teen said he did not steal the DVD player nor did he know what his brother was talking about.
The magistrate subsequently ordered that the teen be remanded to prison and that he appear back in court on January 12.

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