Convict flees while cleaning outside Camp St jail

Another prisoner has escaped; this time from in front of the Camp Street prison, where he was at work, sprucing up its environs.
Prison Director Dale Erskine yesterday confirmed that the prisoner, whose name he gave as Suresh Narinesingh, escaped on Tuesday morning.
The prisoner was serving a three-year sentence for robbery under arms and was among others who were allowed outside the compound to do work.
Erskine could not say how the prisoner escaped but he was reportedly discovered missing and the officer in charge of the crew he was with has not yet given a proper account.

An investigation has been launched but questions are already being asked as to why a prisoner who was serving time for robbery under arms was allowed out of the compound and was clearly not properly supervised.

This latest escape comes on the heels of the bid by six dangerous prisoners late last year, one of whom was actually able to scale the prison fence, suffering extensive injuries to his body from the razor wire, and make it to Rasville. He was recaptured later the same day.

Police had identified the six inmates as Paul Bagot, Dennis Williams called `Anaconda’, Royden Williams known as Royden Durant, Jermaine Savory, Wayne Archibald and Sherwin Moses also known as Sherwin Nero.

Last December’s attempted escape had also followed a string of escapes for the year 2008.
In November an escape bid by two inmates of the New Amsterdam prison was foiled.
The two men who attempted to escape were Lindon Flavius, who was recently sentenced to three years imprisonment for escaping from lawful custody and Rocky Profit, who is on remand for attempted murder and numerous robberies.

Flavius, 22, of First Street, Bartica had also escaped from the New Amsterdam Hospital on August 25.
In October, a prisoner escaped from Ward B2 of the Georgetown Public Hospital. Joel Fraser, called Quincy London, was on remand on a possession of narcotics charge and was admitted to the hospital for observation for a medical complaint when he escaped.

Prior to this, four prisoners, including two murder accused had managed to escape custody even though they were handcuffed or under security watch. Of the four, one escaped from prison officials, while the others were in police custody when they took off.

Shawn Yhap who was serving a sentence for the larceny of a motorcycle escaped on August 2, while playing steel pan at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri with other inmates of the Camp Street Prison. He was recaptured on the East Coast.

On August 14, moments after he was sentenced to one year in prison, Sherwin Glen, 19, ran out of the Wales Magistrate’s Court and escaped into the nearby cane fields. He was being escorted to the Wales Police Station at the time.

However later that day, he returned to the station in the company of an uncle and was subsequently charged with escaping from lawful custody and sentenced to one year in jail.

On July 30, 20-year-old murder accused Trevor Major escaped from a moving prison van after reportedly picking the lock on the handcuffs he was wearing. He was among several other remand prisoners who were being escorted to the Camp Street prison after making appearances at the Providence Magistrate’s Court.

Then there was the case of the now dead multiple murder accused Jermaine `Skinny’ Charles who in June managed to squeeze under the loose floor boards of a cell, shortly after an appearance at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court. He was gunned down by the joint services several weeks later at Kuru Kuru Linden-Soesdyke Highway, along with Rondell `Fineman’ Rawlins. (Oluatoyin Alleyne)

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