PUC hosting outreach exercise at Mahaica

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is hosting its first outreach exercise for the year at Mahaica to allow consumers to give feedback on the quality of service provided by GPL, GWI, GT&T and Digicel.

In a press release the PUC said it intends to discuss with citizens how these utilities can better their services. The exercise will be held at the Helena Primary School, Helena, Mahaica tomorrow at 1.45pm.

In the past the PUC visited many areas countrywide and it has been engaged in Consumer Awareness Programmes where its officers meet with consumers at shopping centres, markets, petrol stations and wherever there is heavy consumer traffic in the city.

The PUC said in 2007 it added secondary schools to its list of places to visit thereby targeting fourth and fifth form and higher level students since they are potential consumers of the utilities it regulates. Meetings were held with students and teachers of secondary schools both within and without Georgetown.

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