Pakistani police anxious for break on team attack

LAHORE, Pakistan, (Reuters) – Pakistani police were  searching yesterday for a breakthrough in their investigation  nearly 48 hours after gunmen attacked the Sri Lankan cricket  team and then melted away.

The ambush on the team and its police escorts as they drove  to the main stadium in Lahore has shocked the cricket-mad  country and raised new fears about nuclear-armed Pakistan’s  ability to overcome the militant threat.

Seven Pakistanis, six policemen and the driver of a bus  carrying match officials, were killed in Tuesday’s attack.

Faced with angry finger-pointing over the failure of the  police to protect the team, a senior top Lahore official said  investigators had warned the authorities of just such an attack.

Police, desperate for leads, have rounded up scores of  people without establishing any link, according to officials.  One investigator told Reuters they had found a cellphone that  had led to the arrest of at least one real suspect.

“We’ve made some arrests, one through a SIM card, but there  has been no major catch,” city police chief Habib-ur Rehman told  said late yesterday, referring to a device that holds  information in a mobile phone.

Six Sri Lankan players were wounded along with two team  officials, including a British assistant coach. They flew back  to Colombo along with the rest of their party later on Tuesday.

ICC match referee Chris Broad told a news conference in  London yesterday he and other match officials had been left  like “sitting ducks” when the attack began.

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