Five more HIV+ persons awarded house lots in lottery

Five persons were awarded house lots on February 27 when the Ministry of Housing and Water in collaboration with the Ministry of Health held its second lottery drawing of house lots initiative.

The five selected from the lottery pool are persons living with HIV. In his remarks, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, Minister of Health, told the small gathering that the collaborative effort of the ministries was their way of rendering assistance to infected people.

The selections were drawn not by identification information of those participating in the lottery but by a numbering system instead and the winners were to be subsequently contacted.

The other organisations forming part of this effort are: National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS), Food for the Poor and Habitat for Humanity.
According to Dr Shanti Singh, Director of NAPS, the houses will be built by Food for the Poor and Habitat for Humanity will provide sanitation needs.

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