New hydraulics system to be installed at Berbice River Bridge

A new hydraulics system will be installed at the Berbice River Bridge by April month-end to rectify a flaw in the design of the ramps for the retractor span.

CEO of the Berbice Bridge Company Inc Omadat Samaroo told the Government Information Agency (GINA) on Tuesday that the flaw was discovered during the testing period in January. It causes difficulties in lifting the ramps for the retractor span necessitating manual retraction which adds about 20 minutes to the usual retraction time. Samaroo said the manufacturer has been informed about the problem and a preliminary design of a hydraulic system has been sent for consideration.

However, he said that the Bridge is still being opened automatically as only the ramps require manual labour. Samaroo also said that installing the new hydraulic system will be done over a four-day period. He said too the company will inform the public about the temporary arrangements one month prior to the closure. The CEO also said that the company will liaise with the Ministry of Public Works to provide adequate ferry service during the said period.

According to Samaroo, the work is vital for the effective operating of the bridge. He said the company will not be facing any new cost from the manufacturer since it is still in the “liability period.”
President Bharrat Jagdeo commissioned the Bridge on December 23. It starts from D’Edward Village, West Coast Berbice and stretches across to Crab Island, on the eastern bank.

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