Prisoner cuts self too deep in trying to remove bead

An 18-year-old Camp Street prisoner was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) yesterday morning after injuring himself while attempting to remove a bead inserted under the foreskin of his penis.

Nigel Oselmo gambled his life, hospital sources told this newspaper, when he attempted to gash the foreskin of his penis to remove a bead previously inserted. Reports are that the young man “cut too deep” and nicked a vessel which resulted in profuse bleeding.

Such beads, hospital sources explained, are usually slightly smaller or larger than a split pea. The beads are inserted to intensify sexual pleasure. As many as fifteen beads can be placed beneath the skin in a straight line from base to top or around the penis’ circumference.

A small cut is made to the foreskin through which the beads are forced, sources said. However, they noted that the practice is “dangerous” since it can cause infections to that sensitive part of the male anatomy or, in the case of Oselmo, result in heavy blood loss which can sometimes be fatal.

Oselmo was taken to the GPHC shortly after 10 am yesterday by police. After receiving treatment the man was escorted back to the Georgetown Prisons several hours later. Sources reported that Oselmo lost a large amount of blood.

The object used by Oselmo to inflict the wound would have been “very sharp”, hospital sources stated. However, Stabroek News was unable to ascertain what Oselmo might have used while trying to remove the bead or how he would have had such an object in his possession.

Director of Prisons, Dale Erskine, when contacted shortly before 6 pm yesterday told this newspaper that he was on leave, unaware of the incident and was not in a position to comment. Attempts made to reach other prisons officials were futile.

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