Nephew forgiven and put on bond for taking $200,000

A 24-year-old man yesterday pleaded guilty to the charge of fraudulent conversion when it was read to him by Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

On March 18 at Georgetown, Davenand Bistonaught of Number 63 Village, Berbice, being solely entrusted with one Bank of Baroda cheque to make a withdrawal of $200,000 for Deodat Kanhai and to keep same for the said Deodat Kanhai, he converted the money to his own use.

According to the virtual complainant (VC), the defendant who is his nephew, had refunded the money and as a result he decided to drop all the charges against him. According to Kanhai, “Ah forgive meh nephew fuh de mistake he mek.”

When the Acting Chief Magistrate asked the defendant what he had done with the money, he told her that he just kept it in his possession and when asked why he took the money in the first instance, he responded, “It was a mistake ah mek but I give back de money to meh uncle with de police.”

He was then placed on a bond to keep the peace for two years and was ordered to pay $10,000 costs.

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