Ex-cop had been questioned in Dave Hescott killing

The man is currently on remand on a charge of abduction.

Dave Hescott
Dave Hescott

Persaud told Stabroek News when quizzed that it was based on information that the man was held. “We work with information and we try to convert that first of all to ascertain whether it is accurate or not and if it is accurate to convert that into evidence,” he said when asked about the connection between the two.

On the morning of April 18, the lifeless body of Hescott, then 18 years old was found amidst twisted metal behind the cemetery with a gunshot wound to the back of the head and a puncture wound in the same area. He was last seen around midday the previous day.

Persons living in the area had not recalled hearing any gunshots during the course of the night or seeing anything suspicious.

When Hescott was found he was lying face down. It is believed that the lad was shot elsewhere and his body dumped among the derelict vehicles.

Hescott’s death came a mere five months after an older brother, Shawn Hescott was gunned down execution style a stone’s throw away from his Lot 155 Middle Road East La Penitence home by two men. At the time, he was sitting on a horse cart chatting with his girlfriend and another woman.

No one has yet been charged with this killing.

In both instances relatives had told this newspaper that they were clueless to why the men were killed in such a manner.

Many of those gathered in the cemetery that morning expressed shock and questioned why another Hescott brother was killed. To date four brothers from the Hescott family have died by gunfire.

Just days before his death, the young man along with another brother, Ryan had been arrested by police but a sister was adamant that he was no thief.

The sister, Sharon, called for justice, stressing that the police had come to the house and arrested her brothers after kicking down the door.

Hescott frequented the interior where he worked with his sister and has just returned home when he killed.

Shortly before, the killing, Ryan was charged along with another man with robbing a Belgian diamond dealer of $1.8M in diamonds.

He was also subsequently charged with firearm related offenses.

Ryan made the news again earlier this week when he was wounded in a shoot out with the police who had descended on a Laing Avenue house.

The officers had gone to the house in search of murder accused Alpha Hudson but the man managed to elude capture. He is still on the run.

Police had said in a release that Hescott had brushes with the law and has several matters in court.  An unlicensed .38 Taurus revolver, four rounds and two spent shells were recovered by the police, the statement said.

According to the police, “As the ranks approached the house where the wanted man Alpha Hudson was hiding, Ryan Hescott opened fire on the police who returned fire hitting him to his upper right arm and recovering the firearm and ammunition. Alpha Hudson managed to escape”.

Ryan remains a patient of the Georgetown Hospital with bone damage to his hand.

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