Chronicle employee dies after car runs off road

Dead is Raymond Lynch of Lot 11 Area ‘CC’, Ogle, ECD who was found trapped in his partially submerged car. He was an employee of the Guyana Chronicle.

Police said in a release yesterday afternoon that they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the man’s death and are awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination.

The press release added that around 4.30 am ranks of a mobile police patrol found motor car PFF 8518 turned turtle and submerged in a trench at Happy Acres.  On checking they found the body of Lynch trapped in the driver’s seat.

According to the reports reaching this newspaper, several motorists passing the area noticed the upturned vehicle in the mud but no one stopped to see if anyone was inside.

By the time the police arrived, about one hour after the mishap had occurred, Lynch whose head was submerged in the waterlogged mud was already dead.

Yesterday the staff at the state-owned newspaper were in deep shock over the sudden death of the man who had given the last 34 years of his life to the company.

Samuel Bynoe, the assistant admin manager at the Guyana Chronicle told Stabroek News yesterday that around 6 am the General Manager (ag) Moshanie Ramotar who is out of the country at the moment called to inform him of the tragedy. He said that she was not in a position to provide any details and when he went to the Georgetown Hospital, he saw Lynch’s lifeless body covered in mud.

According to Bynoe, Ramotar had contacted Lynch about the death of Guyana’s former president Janet Jagan around 2 am yesterday, because the front page needed to be redone (to reflect her passing). Lynch was instrumental as part of his job was getting the pressmen together to effect the change that had to be made to the newspaper.

He said that Lynch and another colleague were at his Ogle home and Lynch gave the man a ride to Golden Grove where he lived. It was while returning home some 15-20 minutes later, Bynoe said, that tragedy struck.

The deceased was described by Bynoe as a dedicated worker who was always ready and willing to assist.

He said he had worked with Lynch for many years and he was always a quiet person. He also had a close relationship with persons in the office.

Lynch started his career as a circulation assistant before being promoted to pressman. Over time he became a senior pressman then a supervisor before landing in his present position, production superintendent.

Meanwhile Michel Outridge, a reporter attached to the Guyana Chronicle, grief evident in her voice, described Lynch as a hard-working man “who lived for his seven children”.

Over the years many persons have perished on this turn which has been described as ‘dangerous’. Despite several pleas many motorists continue to use this portion of the highway carelessly. Near the ditch where Lynch’s car was found is a huge trench.

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