Accused market chain snatcher remanded

Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson yesterday ordered that an alleged chain snatcher be remanded to prison shortly after he appeared before her at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

Asif Gobin, 22, of 150 Thomas Street, Kitty, had pleaded not guilty to a larceny from the person charge which stated that he stole a gold chain valued $37,000 from Peter Nazir on July 8.

He said that on the day in question he was at the Stabroek Market with two digital cameras attempting to sell them when Nazir approached him and “accused me ah trying foh sell thiefing cameras”.  He said that a scuffle ensued and it was during this that Nazir’s chain burst.

Gobin went on to say that a policeman in the area at the time stopped the fight and Nazir told him that he was trying to rob him.

However, Nazir, who was also present in the court, stated that he was driving through Stabroek Market when he saw Gobin. He said that Gobin then reached for his neck and snatched his chain.

He said that he started to shout “thief” as Gobin attempted to flee the scene but that several persons nearby held on to him until a policeman who was in the area took control of the situation. Gobin was then arrested and later charged with the offence.

Gobin then shouted “this man ain’t find no chain on me” and it was while he continued shouting that the magistrate ordered that he be escorted out of the court. Even while he was in the chute of the court he was heard shouting threats to Nazir.

The prosecution had stated that Gobin was not a first offender and that in fact he had been released from prison lately after serving a three- year sentence for robbery.

The magistrate subsequently ordered that Gobin be remanded to prison and transferred the case to Court Five for July 13.

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