Dear Editor,

Begging the PPP administration to share governance in this country is wishful thinking. They have dug in and are still digging in to remain in government for many years to come. The opposition parties have to defeat the PPP at the polls and this has to be done at the next general election.

Never will Mr Corbin, Mr Alexander or Mr McAllister lead the PNC to victory in Guyana. They do not possess the personality, the charisma or what the Guyanese people want in their leader, as the late Mr Forbes Burnham, Dr Jagan, Dr Rodney or Mr Hoyte had to win the hearts of the majority of Guyanese people so they would vote for them.

The People’s National Congress/Reform in its present structure will not win a general election. Since the people in this country will continue to vote for race, and African people are not in the majority, they will always be left out in the cold licking their wounds and wondering what went wrong again after the ballots are counted.

The first thing the PNC has to do is to find a leader, whether yellow, blue or white, (not necessary black) who is brave, dynamic and cool enough to gain the confidence of the people. In the interim, I think that Mr Winston Murray and Mr Aubrey Norton should lead the party until congress meets, a great leader is found and then elected. Mr Oscar Clarke too should step aside and give way to a younger and more energetic member as secretary. I mean no disrespect to these good gentlemen, faithful servants who served the party well over the years, but they have to remember that all of us are not born to be leaders. This country has six races of people and the leader has to win the admiration of most of them in order to win the election. 2011 is just around the corner and it is not too early to start preparation for that election.

There will be a lot of good positions for all the guys to fill when the election is won. Now it is time to look for the new leader and commence the hard work. The party will also have to do all it can to win back all its friends who wandered away.

All Guyanese have to know that the PPP can be beaten in a ‘fair and free’ election. First of all the in-fighting in the PNC has to stop and everybody has to work together as a team to win the election, and corruption must stop.

The Guyanese people are being disrespected by Guyanese in every level of our society. It became drastically worse since we got our independence.

Yours faithfully,
Eustace Moore

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