Perhaps a design for grillwork which opens from the inside should be mandatory

Dear Editor,
It was almost exactly seven years ago on January 26, 2002, that we lost one of our gracious Guyanese, Latchmie Kallicharran, in a fire in Kitty.

The assumptions were the same that took the lives of a family of four in New Amsterdam a few days ago. The victims were unable to exit a building that was secured by grillwork.

We all appreciate the present security situation, which requires all of us to secure our homes and businesses. However, I’m proposing to all local authorities, the Guyana Fire Service, the police and the Central Housing and Planning Authority to convene an urgent meeting to examine all the ramifications so as to, if necessary, amend our building code to deal with a dangerous situation which can recur anywhere at any time. Perhaps a design for all grillwork that opens easily from the inside should be mandatory.

In the meantime let us all offer a fervent prayer for GPL.
Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green, JP

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