Prize money for Cubana monument design should not go to one winner

Dear Editor,
It is indeed a wise initiative of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development to introduce a national competition for the design of the monument to commemorate the victims of the Cubana disaster as advertised in the SN of January 25. I am in total disagreement − and I am certain that many others might be as well − with the $1M purse to be awarded to only one person whose entry is selected and not divided among other entrants.

Many interesting entries might be submitted by qualified artists, and apart from the selected winner, those other persons should be acknowledged for their efforts and the time invested for the competition.

We just never know, but an ideal concept might be submitted from someone from a remote area who does not have access to oil, acrylic or emulsion paint, and sends in a drawing, but would not qualify because of being at a disadvantage.

One proposal is as follows: Winner – $250,000; 2nd Prize – $150,000; 3rd Prize – $100,000; and 10 consolation prizes of $50,000 each.

When will a decision be made for a monument/shrine to the victims of the Jonestown Tragedy?

If there is no interest on the part of the administration of the day or if it is too much to handle, just allow the private sector in collaboration with the US Embassy to undertake this memorable project.
Yours faithfully,
T Pemberton

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