The PNC needs a strong leader and presidential candidate

Dear Editor,
As an ardent supporter of the PNC for over thirty years I am very perturbed to see the ‘sinking of the ship.’ Once again we are observing the departure of important crew members, leaving the stubborn captain who does not intend to change the ship’s course. I make specific mention of the resignation of Mr Winston Murray as Chairman of the party, the suspension of James McAllister and the non-involvement of members such as Andrew Hicks, Vincent Alexander, Ivor Allen and Dalgeish Joseph, among others.

At present the PNCR is at its weakest stage under the leadership of Robert Corbin, despite boasting of having a large membership at the last congress. This is indeed far from reality, because for the last year and over the party has failed to maintain its membership or even attract new members.

While prior to Mr Corbin taking up the position of leader of the party, the party had attracted and maintained a large number of professionals. Today many have been forced to leave, and those who have chosen to remain seem to be contented to sit and allow one man to destroy a party that was once a force to be reckoned with.

Congress is due this year and from all indications it seems that party members will once again endorse Corbin as the leader, since there have been no changes within the executive of the various regions and districts. It is indeed a sad state to watch the PNCR operating as a ‘toothless tiger’ as we approach the 2011 national and regional elections. From all indications the PNCR has no intentions of governing this country any more, because if two years before elections are held a decision cannot be made for someone with vision and insight to lead our party, then we are bent on remaining in opposition for five more years.

I make a call for other serious members of our party to start looking towards 2011; we should have a strong leader and moreso a strong presidential candidate.
Yours faithfully,
Garfield Boston

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