Dear Editor,
I am a retired Deputy Head Teacher who served the teaching profession for 33½ years in various capacities. I am writing this letter because of the sloth and inconsiderate manner in which I have been treated by the National Insurance Scheme.

I have been in receipt of a pension since January, 2008, but the amount is incorrect due to the non-accounting by the NIS of a significant number of my contributions.

I brought that matter to the attention of the NIS since February 2008 yet there has been no change in the amount of pension I receive.Excuses from the Branch Manager to the effect that the computers at Anna Regina could not be used for certain days and that communications with Georgetown by phone were impossible for two weeks seem to me to insult my intelligence.

I believe that my situation is replicated a thousand times across Guyana and therefore I am humbly using your column to draw attention to my plight in the hope of an improvement in my situation so that I can receive my correct pension.

NIS needs to stop making excuses and get down to doing its job professionally, so that Guyanese receive their due.
Yours faithfully,
Leon Reid

Editor’s note
We are sending a copy of this letter to the PRO of NIS, Ms Diane Lewis-Baxter, for any comments she might wish to make.

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