The board of the GRA should pronounce on polygraph tests

Dear Editor,
The governance structure of the GRA provides for the Board of Directors to make the determination on employment and ‘dis-employment’ of its personnel. Further, the board falls within the purview of the Ministry of Finance, and not of the Office of the President.

It seems more appropriate therefore for the board to pronounce on the conditions of employment applicable to GRA staffers, and whether they include the requirement to take polygraph tests. Additionally, the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security, through the Chief Labour Officer, should be invited to pronounce on the legitimacy or otherwise of this intervention as a basis for terminating employment.

At the same time one notes with disappointment the reluctance (or inability) of ‘politician’ lawyers to address what fundamentally is a human rights issue.

As a preliminary step, for example, it is worth investigating exactly who is CANU’s employer, and to establish whether the reported process of terminations was legally effected. And if not, what should be the course of redress!
Yours faithfully,
Carl Abrahams

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