After seventeen years there is still no stable supply of electricity

Dear Editor,

In today’s newspapers [October 2] GPL had the audacity to proclaim its ten years of accomplishments in Guyana. This, when conjoined with President Jagdeo’s remarks about seeing opportunity in hard times and Guyana being the land of prosperity, confirms that Guyanese people are being viewed as fools. Seventeen years after taking office the PPP/C has been unable to provide many things; foremost among them is a stable supply of electricity. Whilst in the midst of all the celebration about the opportunities for private sector and low carbon development, on any given day in Guyana, hundreds, and sometimes thousands are without electricity. So in the midst of all this hype we have on an almost daily basis, and particularly in the commercial zone of Georgetown, prolonged blackouts that cripple businesses, affect workers’ morale and heighten tensions.

I am disappointed that members of the private sector are continuing to go along with this charade whilst the environment for steady growth and improvement remains a hostile one for them. Their silence is what allows statements like those uttered at the opening of GuyExpo to be glibly made.

The PPP/C will be held accountable for many things and this one of failing to fix GPL ranks alongside extra-judicial killings, torture, poverty, and corruption, to name just a few.

My advice is to fix GPL and stop lying to the people.

Yours faithfully,
Raphael Trotman

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