The Lamaha St trench is badly polluted

Dear Editor,

I am appealing to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) and the Georgetown City Council to investigate the possible cause of the  water in the Lamaha Street trench being black and stink for months.

Sometimes the entire trench stretching from Vlissengen Road to High and Lamaha streets is in this condition. Currently, the most polluted area appears to be closer to the now partly demolished KP Thomas offices.

This is clearly a sign of prolonged pollution that warrants urgent attention by either or a combination of the above-mentioned agencies. Perhaps, GWI can say if the cause is a broken sewer main and the City Council can tell us whether the canal is blocked.

The EPA’s ‘police’ should have long recognised this slum-like pollution and taken remedial action, utilizing an inter-agency approach.

Yours faithfully,
D. Chabrol

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