I support pre-paid meters

Dear Editor,

I write this day to lend my support to the idea that pre-paid meters as now being supplied by the Guyana Power and Light is best for Guyanese.

I have carefully studied the facts, and tried to even consider the negatives.  I could not find any negatives that negate the idea that pre-paid meters are best for the Guyanese nation.

Many Guyanese share my sentiments of skulduggery on the part of GPL when it comes to ‘Estimated Bills.’  Personally I am very suspicious of GPL for estimated billings and particularly retroactive charges.  On one occasion my meter was read according to the bill, but a neighbouring meter showed estimated and a retroactive charge for millions of dollars, even though we took the name of the meter reader and the time and date of the reading.

Matters such as this would end with the prepaid meters.  Further, one will want to reduce consumption when one sees credit diminishing.  I encourage all Guyanese to go for pre-paid meters, as I am doing to all my properties and properties that I manage for my relatives and families overseas.

Yours faithfully,
Roshan Khan

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