Guyana Karate College holds successful grading examinations

The Guyana Karate College held its first grading examinations for the year on Monday at the Malteenoes Sports Club.
Some 41 students were examined by Master Frank Woon-A-Tai with all of them being successful.
A number of karatekas gained exemptions with 16 of them skipping grades.

The 16 karatekas who skipped belts at Monday’s grading examinations.
The 16 karatekas who skipped belts at Monday’s grading examinations.

In the ninth Kyu grade (white belt) five students Keymo Alleyne, Shantie Mortley, Rachel and Sarah Weithers, and Radish Mohan, skipped the eighth Kyu (yellow belt) and were promoted to seventh Kyu (orange belt).

Yellow belt Somonica Fanfair, skipped (orange belt) and was promoted to green belt (sixth Kyu).
In the seventh Kyu grade (Orange belt) Sophia Mc Koy and Tara Stevens were promoted to fifth Kyu (first purple) skipping the green belt.
Tanya Teixeira and Leon Burnette, who were sixth Kyu (green belts) were promoted to fourth Kyu (second purple) and Kyu Romel Rameshwar skipped the fifth Kyu (purple belt) and was awarded the third Kyu (brown belt).

Krystal and Ashley Lopes, Kenny,  Aliya and Tashana Wong and Joshua Mortley all moved from fourth Kyu (second purple belts) to second Kyu (brown belts).
Master Frank said he was very impressed with the standard on display and urged the students to keep up the hard work. He was also loud in praise of chief instructor Jeffrey Wong and fellow instructors Dr Guy Low, Neville Mortley and Lawrence Fanfair.

New classes for beginners will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1600 to 1700 hours  while regular classes will be held on the said day from 1700-1900  hrs.
The college also has on its horizon, a fund-raising bingo which will be held on April 18 at the National Park and a tournament will be held the first week in July when the second grading examinations for the year will also be held.

Contact can be made with senior instructor Jeffrey Wong for further details at 57 Robb and Ornoque Streets and on telephone numbers 223-0814 and 226-9219.
Wong can also be contacted on cell phone 622-4260.

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