GNA in need of appropriate netball facility

The Guyana Netball Association (GNA) plans to stage its annual under-23 and seniors tournament in November as part of preparations for international competition but they require their own facilities.

Speaking with Stabroek Sport, Secretary of the GNA Lawrence Griffith said the tournament was scheduled to take place earlier but had been interrupted by numerous interschool sport events throughout Georgetown.

Secretary of the Guyana Netball Association (GNA) Lawrence Griffith.
Secretary of the Guyana Netball Association (GNA) Lawrence Griffith.

“Right now there are numerous interschool competitions going on, the Fearless Flyers team from Essequibo have their interschool sports so we have had to reschedule the date for the competition. In fact the president of GNA is not in the country so we await her return.” 

There are five active clubs which fall under the GNA – Rim Rockers, Doves Netball Club, Fearless Flyers, Emani and top team All Stars – and they will all take part during next month’s meet.

Additionally the secretary pointed to the need for more interest to be placed on the development of what is predominantly a female sport. Griffith said there are no appropriate facilities for women and the use of the court adjacent to the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall causes much inconvenience.

“We don’t have proper facilities for the girls, we don’t even have changing rooms for them. The court at Cliff Anderson cannot be used too often because cars are parked there or there is a function going on there and it causes a lot of difficulty to us. When you look at the bigger picture we really don’t have an adequate facility for netball.”

However, Griffith said he is in continuous talks with the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony to tackle the problem. He stated that the only way the sport can truly evolve into something worthwhile is through investment in equipment and facilities otherwise the sport will progress no further.

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