Greece races for rescue, some fear not enough

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Finance leaders scrambled  to secure aid for debt-stricken Greece as Canada cautioned yesterday that some European countries feared the 45 billion  euros under consideration was not enough.

Talks over Greece dominated the annual International  Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings, a day after Athens bowed  to market pressure and asked to tap a rescue package from the  European Union and the IMF.

“Some countries think it’s not enough,” Canadian Finance  Minister Jim Flaherty told reporters when asked about the  amount of the aid package being negotiated.

“Some of the G20 countries, including some of the European  countries,” he said when asked which countries were concerned.  “There is concern about making sure that the package is enough  so that it’s a one-time event.”

Flaherty said Group of 20 rich and emerging nations agreed  that the Greece crisis could be contained, if dealt with  quickly, with little risk of a spread across Europe.

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