Ministry moves to streamline gun licence approvals

Formation of an independent Firearms Approval Board is likely following administrative procedural changes in the granting of firearm licenses and registration of firearm dealers by the Guyana Police Force.

According to a release from the Home Affairs Ministry, the Disciplined Forces Report recommended that “the Minister of Home Affairs should utilize his statutory powers under the Firearms Act to make standard and uniform regulations with regard to firearm licensing”.

The release stated that the minister has instituted regulations which are aimed at strengthening the process of granting firearm licenses in keeping with the recommendation as well as the mandate of the Select Committee of Parliament which received the recommendation.

According to the release, the regulations provide for the formation of the approval board, which will review all recommendations for the granting of firearm licences and the registration of firearm dealers.

The release stated that, “the power of the prescribed officer under the law to issue firearm licences has not been interfered with neither has the process of revocation of firearm licences by the police has been interfered with”.
The regulations were published in the April 10, 2010 issue of the Official Gazette and according to the Home Affairs Ministry; the new arrangement caters for more orderliness to the process.

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