Forge racial and cultural cohesion – PNCR

The PNCR salutes Guyanese of East Indian descent and those in the Diaspora as the country observes Indian Arrival Day.

“The party recognises the valuable contribution that our East Indian brothers and sisters have made to the development of our country and the shaping of the cultural tapestry of this nation,” the party said in a release.

The party urged that the occasion be used to indulge in activities designed at forging and moulding a destiny of racial and cultural cohesion which it added is necessary for building an economically strong and vibrant nation.

In the 1980s the PNCR said it inaugurated the concept of celebrating the arrival of the respective ethnic groups of the nation with the intention to “deepen understanding of the culture of these groups and so promote greater understanding and racial harmony as tools for nation building”.

It again saluted the East Indians “on this special commemorative day”.

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