Rastas in march for religious freedom today

The Guyana Rastafarian Council is organising a march today to draw attention to what it said is the inability of the community to openly practice its culture.

Ras Ian, General Secretary of the council said on Tuesday that the march is about religious freedoms. He said the community has called for a few things directly related to its culture, but that no serious attention has been drawn to any of the issues.

The march today is in solidarity with an international Rastafarian struggle also today, according to Ras Ian, and he noted that the general aim is to win certain religious freedoms. He said Rastas are not being allowed to freely practice their religion and culture.

Previously, he noted that the community had called for a review of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act; an issue which it also raised with the Ethnic Relations Commission. “When we get the hearing we are seeking we will present the case that Rastas are being denied certain religious freedoms,” he added.

The council will be joined by the House of Nybingi and the 12 Tribes of Judah for the march, which begins at 10 am and kicks off at the Square of the Revolution.

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