Linden constabulary not yet paid for April

-town council strapped for cash
The Linden Town Council has found itself strapped for cash resulting in its constabulary not being paid for the month of April.

According to members of the 24-man force, Town Clerk Patrick Iniss had posted a notice stating that the council would be unable to meet its April 26 scheduled pay date for its staff. However, subsequent to that all members of staff with the exception of the constabulary were paid.

“All of a sudden they find money to pay the rest a monthly and deh lef we out like we are the less important. Day care and all the senior staff get pay,” said one employee.

Members of the constabulary said they had a recent meeting with the Town Clerk who had indicated to them there was no money in the council’s coffers and as such he could not give a date when they would be paid; he apologized, they said, for any inconvenience this had caused. Innis could not be reached for comment.

When contacted by Stabroek News Interim Management Committee Chairman Orin Gordon said that he was aware of the situation. He noted the matter had been ventilated at the level of the IMC and a decision had been taken to pay the junior staff, while the senior staff would have to wait until sufficient funds were accumulated. “This is why we signed,” Gordon said, “but low and behold the next thing I learnt [was] that the Town Clerk did not stick to the agreement and that is why we have a group of unpleasant town polices at this time.”

With no definite word on when they would be paid that town constabulary said they were prepared to take their complaints to the President, and would also be seeking an increase in salary.

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