Cops still hunting Mousie Landing killing suspect

Police are still hunting for the survivor and potential suspect from the fatal ambush at Mousie Landing last month which left dredge owner Davindra Williams and Oswald Bourne dead.

A police source has told this newspaper that they are still vigorously hunting the man who they believe was Bourne’s partner in the ambush which turned fatal. Several days after the shooting, police had arrested the suspect’s brother who they have since released.

Just after midnight on June 21, police had said, the dredge owner and a miner, Clifford Andrews, were walking along a road at Mousie Landing when they were ambushed by two men. The dredge owner and one of the attackers, identified as Oswald Bourne, exchanged gunfire.

During the shooting Bourne and the dredge owner were fatally wounded and Andrews sustained a gunshot wound to the chest. The second assailant escaped and it is he who police continue to hunt.

Meanwhile, Andrews has since been discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital. When this newspaper contacted the man via telephone recently he declined to comment.

After reports of the incident had surfaced Bourne’s family had denied the allegations. His brother, Carl, had contended that Andrews and Bourne had a problem just before the deadly confrontation. It was as a result of this confrontation, Carl had said, that Williams attacked his brother and the man who was with him.

A resident of the area told Stabroek News yesterday that days after the shooting a team of “black clothes” police had gone into the area to help in the hunt for the suspect. However, the team left about five days ago.

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