UG says will issue public statement on Evan Persaud issue

The University of Guyana administration said it has made no public statements on the allegations against lecturer, Evan Persaud and is refuting press reports on the issue.

In a press advisory earlier this week, the administration said it will issue a statement on the matter when it is concluded. The university expressed dismay at the disclosure in the press of some of the deliberations of its council which met on June 24.

It also stated that the Chancellor has written to members of the council reminding them of the confidentiality of the proceedings of the council.

Persaud, who was accused of victimizing students and engaging in sex talk during lectures, was cleared of the allegations last month after a committee set up to investigate the claims found a lack of evidence.

But one of the students in the matter has since rejected the report of the committee saying that neither he nor any of the other students involved were ever approached by the committee during the investigations.

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