Man granted self-bail over assault, threat to kill mother of child

Twenty-nine-year-old Godfrey Chalmers of D’urban Backlands was placed on self-bail when he appeared yesterday at the George-town Magistrate’s Court for allegedly assaulting and threatening to kill the mother of his child.

Chalmers pleaded not guilty to the charges of threatening language, threatening behaviour and assault when acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson read them to him.

He denied that on June 4, at his D’urban Backlands home he used threatening language and threatening behaviour towards Alexis Hardy and also unlawfully assaulted her.

He said that he never threatened to kill Hardy but  “I only cuss she bout she mother cause she first cuss me bout my mother.”

He noted that the incident came about after he told Hardy  he was breaking up with her several months ago because “she  bun meh son.”

He said that Hardy had moved out of the house and soon after his new girlfriend moved in and that got Hardy upset.

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Alexis David Hossanah stated that Hardy had gotten upset with Chalmers’ new girlfriend because she found her sleeping in her nightgown.

Hossanah stated that Hardy awakened the woman and they soon got into a fight and  Chalmers also joined in and  threatened to kill Hardy.

The court was told that the other woman also has an assault charge in relation to Hardy and she is to be summoned.

The magistrate then ordered that Chalmers report to the Probation Office and to return to court on September 9.

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