Study underway on regularizing emoluments of special constabulary

A study is underway to regularize emoluments of members of the Special Constabulary of the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

This is according to Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee who was yesterday responding to a question posed by PNCR-1G MP, Vanessa Kissoon on whether members of the Special Constabulary are in receipt of benefits similar to those of regular police officers, including leave package allowances as well as a 6% increase in salary given to members of the GPF last year.

Rohee stated that the matter was “straight forward”, noting that members of the unit cannot be paid similar benefits of a regular police officer as they fall under a different regime, some members are privately hired, he added.

PNCR leader Robert Corbin stated that the responsibility of members of the Special Constabulary is of a sensitive nature, including the provision of security to the citizenry, the Commissioner of Police and senior government officials. He also questioned whether the persons in question are not entitled to overtime allowance. He said, “would it not be appropriate for these members to be entitled to similar benefits as regular police officers?”

Rohee in response said that he agrees that members of the unit undertake duties as mentioned by the Opposition Leader and according to him; the matter has been looked at for some time. He stated that one has to bear in mind that a number of persons within the group are contracted workers.

The minister stated that a study is being undertaken to determine what reforms could be made to address the issue and as soon as recommendations are made, these will be put into effect. As regards the 6% increase in salary, Rohee stated that such benefits are allocated to members of the Joint Services and as such Special Constables do not fall under this category.

Meanwhile, in response to a question from AFC MP Sheila Holder on the roles of the Public Service Ministry (PSM) and the Public Service Commission (PSC) in the employment of contracted and temporary employees, Public Service Minister, Jennifer Westford stated in a written reply that the PSC is responsible for the appointment of pensionable employees while the employment of all other categories or workers fall within the ambit of the PSM.

Holder also asked whether Sports Minister, Dr Frank Anthony could provide the audited accounts and reports of the Sports and Arts Development fund agency as promised and whether he would name the persons who manage the affairs of the agency. Anthony in a written response stated briefly that the reports are not available.

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