Chicken prices stable despite shortage

While there continues to be a shortage of chicken on the market, prices have stabilised amid expectations that the local supply will normalise within the next few weeks.

A check of the prices at two city supermarkets and the city markets recently showed that the prices have remained constant over the last two weeks. At several stalls at the Bourda and Stabroek markets, the price remained at $380 per pound. However, there was one stall at Bourda Market that was retailing the product for $340 per pound.  According to the stall holder, he was able to sell at a lower price because he was buying it cheaply wholesale. Meanwhile, the prices continue to remain unaffected at the Bounty and Nigel’s supermarkets, which is retailing chicken at $300 and $320 per pound, respectively.

On July 2, the Guyana Poultry Producers Association (GPPA) had assured that the supply of chicken and eggs on the local market would return to normal in four to six weeks. On Thursday, the GPPA said the situation in Region 4 “would improve significantly by the middle of August.” Further, it assured that it has made the necessary adjustments with regards to production of chicken and it said there is already evidence that prices and supply have stabilised in the Berbice. It added that with the help of the NEW GMC efforts are being made to have reefer trucks made available to transport processed birds from outlying areas to Georgetown.