Berbice man remains unconscious after chopping

Sherry Crawford is hopeful that her son, who has not shown any sign of consciousness nine days after being chopped, will recover but “me afraid that if he pulls through he might come out mad.”

Last Tuesday, Jamla Crawford, 29, of Number 43 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, was chopped several times by a man known to him. The attacker and his 20-year-old son have since been charged with attempted murder and placed on $150,000 bail each. Sherry Crawford said that the attackers made a court appearance this week at the Whim Magistrates’ Court.

Her son, she said, was going to the backdam with his little brother to pen the cattle that the family rears. To this day, Crawford says she is still baffled as to why her son was attacked.

Jamla sustained chop wounds to his head and to his arm and is in a critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The wound on the arm is infected while the wounds from four chops to the head resulted in a swollen and fractured skull, Crawford said. “Its very hard…seeing him with all those needles…it painful,” she said, speaking to this newspaper while waiting to see her son. “Is ma big son. How he handsome and they chop he face. We does live very good we never know they had this in mind,” she added.

Later, when she went in to ICU to see her son, Crawford could not contain her tears once more even as she said she holds on to the hope that he will recover. A delirious Jamla kept twitching on the bed and, unable to control her tears, Crawford left the room. Outside the ICU, she said once more that she was hopeful.

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