Passenger to Jamaica arrested at Miami airport over bullet parts

MIAMI, (Reuters) – A man traveling with bullet parts  in a suitcase was arrested at Miami’s international airport today after his luggage caused a small explosion on the  tarmac, causing no injuries or damage, authorities said.
Law enforcement officials said they did not believe the  incident had any links to terrorism. The FBI described the man  as a 37-year-old nationalized U.S. citizen traveling en route  to Jamaica. Authorities did not specify his previous  nationality.
Authorities detained the man after a baggage handler  reported a small explosion while unloading luggage from an  American Airlines flight that arrived in Miami from Boston.
FBI spokesman Mark Leverock said the man’s luggage  contained hundreds of bullet primers — a key component of  bullet cartridges.
“The bag was being taken out by a baggage handler, he put  it on the ground and something ignited and hit him in the  shoe,” Leverock told Reuters. “One of the primers ignited and  then they all ignited,” he added.
“We don’t believe there is a terrorist nexus,” Leverock  said.
The arrested man was charged with transportation of  hazardous materials and could face up to five years in prison  if convicted, Leverock said.
Several gates at the airport were closed for at least two  hours while authorities carried out their investigation, Miami  airport spokesman Mark Henderson said.
Air traffic at the airport was uninterrupted during the  incident.

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