Have we learnt nothing from the last World Cup in terms of traffic arrangements?

Dear Editor,
Can someone please tell me who ‘organised’ the traffic arrangements for the Twenty/20 World Cup cricket. I would like to meet this person or persons to give them the world prize for incompetence.

Why do we need to completely disrupt residents and others who have legitimate business in the surrounding areas? Did we not anticipate that at 16:00 hrs we would have a huge backlog of traffic, with all the people going home from work?  So why the stupid cordon from Houston all the way to the stadium and not even residents being allowed through?

Today (Tuesday, April 27) was a dress rehearsal in stupidity; did we not learn anything from the last World Cup we held here? Where are the passes for residents and people who live and work in the areas cordoned off? When will we stop with our backwardness and bullying of citizens?

Look people; get your act together!

Yours faithfully,
Ajay Baksh

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