Street parallel to Upper Hadfield in dire state

Dear Editor,
I write this letter to register my disgust at the deplorable condition of the street running parallel to upper Hadfield Street, Lodge, going to D’urban Backlands. I have no idea whose responsibility it is whether it be the city council run by Mayor Hamilton Green or the Ministry of Public Works where Minister Robeson Benn is in charge.

In this rainy season like most other parts of the city severe flooding takes place. At one time I had to get out of there with long boots simply because the road was totally covered with water. At the moment it hasn’t reached there yet, but towards the head of the street there is a large hole filled with water that is impassable, period. Whichever authority is responsible for the upkeep of that street should come and take a look to see what is going on. Even you Stabroek News should come and take a look and highlight the plight of the residents in your newspaper.

At least even if the entire street is not done the holes should be filled to alleviate the sufferings of the residents. One resident placed a piece of board on the road for the residents to traverse but now even the board is floating in the water.

When the rain falls so heavily and the street is flooded the water can’t even run off as quickly because the parapet is even higher than the street.

The other issue is that rain only has to fall heavily for one day and the trench running alongside overflows and that also contributes to the flooding of the road. I have been a resident in the area for two years now and I have never witnessed that trench being cleaned.

Yours faithfully,
Rhonda Daniels

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