The perfect place to soothe the nerves

Dear Editor,

It was a hot day. God had just completed his greatest achievement, the creation of man. He realized that he needed a rest in an area that was extra ordinarily and satisfyingly beautiful, his nerves were shattered; creating man was not for the faint hearted.

He called his travel agency; had a lengthy conversation with the manageress (equality of sexes, was his forte), concerning a place wherein he could enjoy a pleasant vacation, albeit for one day.

Several brochures were shown to Him of sandy beaches, blue waters, with fishes swimming serenely among the corals; he sniffed; a photograph of Niagara Falls as shown; he snorts.

A mischievous angel hovering nearby, reminds him of that exotic get-away, that has been prepared for him after the near coronary he had suffered, when creating Adam; the Almighty roared and the Heavens experienced its first GPL type power outage. The Angels were in a frenzy, their bonuses, and the all night-party at Old Nicks’ get-away were in peril.  The clock ticks; it is nightfall; a cold wind rushed through a conference room, adorned with pieces by Michelangelo and Phillip Moore; a Monet is perched precariously on the wall.

The Angels had to find a place; a whisper; the Manageress’ assistant comes in, passes a dusty brochure; a quick glance; passed to the Almighty. The Creator looks at it; knits his brow, tugs his beard; (pieces  come out); need to change after shave; he breaks into a smile, and a laugh so delightfully enchanting emerges from him. The Muses who are nearby, glance quizzically at him; and gleefully accepts his invitation to spend the Seventh Day, with Him in the Pakaraimas.

Yours faithfully,
C.S.  Vaughn, MSM
Major (Rtd)

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