Shack attached to fence of Springlands police station

Dear Editor,

Recently, I was in the Corentyne area for a public forum in the company of two Ministers of Government, a prominent member of the Private Sector Commission and the Region Six Chairman, for a public consultation.

It was shocking to witness a policeman being silently rude to one of the Ministers. I witnessed this with my own eyes.

When the consultation was finished, I proceeded to the Upper Corentyne to spend the night and was surprised to see just in front of the Police Station at Springlands, a most horrible sight.  There was, and I just confirmed it is still there, a shack, comprising cardboards and old cloth made as a dingy tent attached to the front fence of the Police Station.  My inquiry confirmed also that another attachment has been placed as an adjoining room, which is now occupied by a female.  They both seem mentally challenged.

The Police may say they are not concerned with this.  But as a citizen of this country, and a supporter and friend of the Police, I find this most unbecoming.  I know also that Ministers pass the station on a regular basis.

If the persons are mentally challenged, there is an appropriate place for them with housing, medical attention and meals.  It also reflects badly on the Administration of the region.  It reflects badly on the Mayor and Councillors of Corriverton, the religious community and citizens in general.

This ugly sight needs to be eliminated earliest.  The police station, any police station, needs to have a pleasant ambience.

Yours faithfully,
Roshan Khan

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