Mohamed Rahim and Sons must be complimented for supporting Malcolm Walcott

Dear Editor,
The development of the tourism sector depends a great lot on many factors and when representation is made by ambassadors from all angles, it’s a very important role and task carrying the flag on your shoulders.

I am a strong believer that sports is one such sector and it helps to a large extent in stamping our mark and educating the masses about the hidden pristine treasure (Guyana).Sometimes it appears that Guyana just happened overnight on the world map..

Another sector that plays a pivotal role is the business community with their support towards sports ambassadors.

Mohamed Rahim and Sons Business Enterprise of Beterverwagting, ECD has just blown me away sky high with its monthly financial support towards up and coming star and TT Hampton Games 2010 success, Malcolm Walcott.

(Ref. to the SN publication dated July 19, 2010 by Tamica Garnett).

I believe that this is the very first that I have learnt  from the dailies of a business enterprise going all the way out for any sports ambassador with such a commitment and as a sports enthusiast, I just don’t know how many “thank you’s” is needed.

I am on cloud nine right about now.

Well done and a high five to Mohamed Rahim and Sons Business Enterprise.

Bro. Malcolm Walcott, give yourself some pump fisting because such opportunities are a rarity. Begin your digging process with every athletic technique you possess during training, compete with the speed and mentality of a cheetah in the wild and represent Guyana with the instincts of a lion by slaughtering your competition on the global arena.

The people that surround you have got to become monitors because you might very well become distracted for many reasons. Keep your training on the east coast.

With all that being said, I couldn’t be happier to learn that a CBS crew was present in Guyana and helping to showcase Guyana to a more advanced level via global television broadcast.

In the past, I have challenged the business community to pool their resources and try selling Guyana to the Producer of the CBS showing of “The Amazing Race” and maybe this could be the next project to be undertaken.

Yours faithfully,
T. Pemberton

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