Suriname invasion for drag-race meet

There is expected to be a Suriname invasion with over 30 high powered cars coming in from Guyana’s neighbours from the east for the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) Drag-racing meet at the South Dakota Circuit tomorrow from 10:00 hours.

Further, some of the Surinamese drivers have also issued stern warnings to some of the local drivers. According to President of the GMR&SC Aaron Bethune Surinamese driver Hance Yver, who is driving a black Typhoon, sent out a warning to Rondell Dabi, who will be competing with the Mitsubishi Evolution.

The two will be competing in the Group D-1 unlimited class for four-wheel drive cars above 2200cc and  Group D-2 unlimited class for two-wheel drive cars above 2200cc. Yver was quoted as saying that he will be coming with more power and Dabi’s ‘Evo’ should really step out of the way.

Meanwhile, Bethune envisions that the event will be one of the biggest drag race meets in the history of drag-racing in Guyana. The Surinamese are already here and most of them will be at the track testing their machines later today.

He also pointed out that all systems are in place for an exciting day of racing. He wants the fans to be present promptly at 10:00 hours and he has requested that patrons use the Linden Highway entrance to the circuit. Admission to the facility is $1,000 while children will be admitted free of cost.

Categories in which races will be contested are Group-A (0 – 1600cc), Group-B (1601-2000cc), Group-C (2001-2200cc) and the Groups-D1 and D-2 for four and two wheel drive cars. There will also be an open class for the super bikes.

Drag racing is a competition in which vehicles compete to be the first to cross a set finish line, usually from a standing start, and in a straight line. Most drag races begin with a standing (stationary) start and are just 1/4 mile long (1,320 ft/400m).

Races last between 3.9 and 17 seconds, with finishing speeds ranging from 80 to over 330mph (530 km/h), depending upon the type of vehicle being used.

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