Mc Kay wins tactical race

Warren Mc Kay rode to an impressive win in the feature event of the Inspire the Child, Inspire Change Foundation/Roraima Bikers’ Club cycling meet at the National Park yesterday.

Eventual winner Warren ‘Forty’ Mc Kay (right) sits behind Raymond Newton (in front) and Enzo Matthews (who placed second) at the National Park yesterday. (Aubrey Crawford photo)

The 30-lap event around the outer circuit of the park was a tactical encounter between Mc Kay and Enzo Matthews, who eventually placed second.  The two set the pace for the race and pulled away from the pack early into the event. While some cyclists later caught up with them, the two eventually managed to safely pull away from the rest of the field.

Testimony to their dominance, Mc Kay (4) and Matthews (3) shared seven of the 10 sprint prime prizes that were up for the taking yesterday. The other three were won by fourth place finisher Eon ‘Dumb Boy’ Jackson (2) and eighth place finisher Chris Persaud (1).

When the bell sounded for the final lap, Mc Kay and Matthews began to engage in a psychological battle with each trying to out do the other.  While Matthews made a bold dash for the finish line, it was Mc Kay’s superior sprinting power that prevailed when he comfortably took back the lead just before the finish and cruised to victory. Matthews came in second and was followed by Robin Persaud, who copped third place.

Alonzo Greaves, veteran racer Raymond Newton and Eric Sankar placed fifth, sixth and seventh respectively.  The first eight finishers all received undisclosed amounts of cash from directors of the Inspire the Child, Inspire Change Foundation.

In the Age 6-9 category Dineshwar Ragubhir won ahead of Antonio Samaroo and Kevin Singh in the one lap event. And in the over-60 3-lap race Monty Parris came out in the pole position over Maurice Fagundes and A Farinha.

Meanwhile, when Stabroek Sport spoke to the Director of the Foundation Gary Thompson he said that the aim of the race meet was to motivate children through sport. He said that the programme is being funded by four directors with the hope that children will become role models for their peers.

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