NAMILCO Football Festival postponed until 2011

The Fruta Conquerors organizers have rescheduled the finals of the NAMILCO Football Festival to next year.
The final which was scheduled to be played yesterday had been postponed because of the inclement weather which has continuously dogged the event.

According to the organisers, the unfavorable weather over the weekend made the Tucville Playfield unfit for play thus forcing the cancellation once again.

President of the club Marlan Cole said it was unfortunate that they could not get to conclude the tournament again but this is a situation beyond their control.

Marlan Cole

Cole informed this newspaper that they will officially wrap up the tournament at the earliest opportunity.
Alpha United and Santos football club are billed to compete in the final for the $500,000 top prize while the Sunburst Camptown and Victoria Kings will contest the third place showdown. (Kizan Brumell)

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