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Marcelle Thomas

With yesterday marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the US, this week we asked the man and woman in the street what were their thoughts on the war on terrorism and whether it was being won. Their responses follow:

Maria Roshevel – musician: ‘Yes I think that the world as a collective unit is winning the war on terrorism. Killing (Osama) bin Laden was major. (Barack) Obama himself seems to be tackling terrorism on his own. People need to realize that this thing had to be tackled from a collective standpoint it is not only a one country or a one man fight. In the end though I feel we will win the war.’

David Rollox – private sector employee: ‘I personally think that the world is winning the fight against terrorism. I believe that America especially is doing a good job. Look after 9/11 we have not heard of any other major terrorist act. They (the US) have to understand though that they can’t let their guard down these people are radicals and will fight to the death. So they should keep up the good work and keep on their case always.’

Romanda Charbrol – tourism coordinator: ‘I personally don’t think that the war on terrorism is being won because I don’t think that terrorism would end. Wars must go on. As humans it is innate to always want to be on top as such we think that fighting will achieve this objective. Terrorism is only a radical form of war so it’s war nonetheless. How can we expect to win a fight within a fight? It makes no sense. There will always be conflict and terrorism.’

Hazel Thompson – boutique owner: ‘I am of the opinion that there can be no winning of wars by anyone, much less terrorism. Until mankind understands that the fight is not a physical one but a spiritual one… only then will there be any progress of peace in the world. God has to permit something before it can happen it cuts deeper than our physical efforts.’

Leon David – private sector employee: ‘I personally don’t see the fight against terrorism as a world fight but one of developed countries.  This terrorism thing came into place because of greed. All the countries in the Middle East have valuable resources such as oil. Greedy developed countries want to go into those countries as if they are trying to help then drain them of their resources. When the people retaliate it is termed terrorism I think it will be a long time for there to be any significant change on the status on the war on terrorism. Wars of this type or any other for that matter don’t just end so we will wait and see.’

Richard Golden – American doctor: ‘I think we will always be at war with many countries so winning the war on terrorism will never end. Look at it this way war is money, money builds things, people are needed to build those things, people are needed to fight wars, and people bring in incomes so the cycle will always be. War, it’s an industry in itself, a very profitable one too because it is one of the biggest generators of incomes indirectly. With Bill Clinton we were not so much hated by foreign countries and there was hardly any evidence of terrorism. Bush came in and started an unnecessary war. The question to ask as we commemorate 9/11 is why isn’t anyone mourning the passengers of the plane but is only focusing on ground zero. This might all be a conspiracy theory.’

Shabakie Fernandes – consultant: ‘In no way is the world winning the fight against terrorism. I think terrorism is based on views and one’s perception. Look at Iraq; that is a country with people already with a given culture and way of life. Now look at the US; it’s a land of immigrants, people who feel that they should change the way of life of others. They went into Iraq and since then that country has never been at peace. This is all because of greed. They are opportunists; only when it suits Americans they act. They work all their lives to pay bills and die sometimes without achieving anything. They need to let some places be sometimes; wait until the majority of people ask for help and then give it. They fought against bin Laden’s grandfather and look up to this year still fighting against bin Laden and yes they killed him. However, this example shows you when one dies another will rise people don’t forget things.’

Samantha Panday – marketing manager: ‘On the winning of the war on terrorism I would say kinda. We haven’t had any real terrorist attacks in a long while only natural disasters. No one has attacked any country in recent times and that is a good thing. I believe that is evidence that we are making progress. Osama bin Laden is dead that can be used as a measuring tool to say yes we are winning or have made significant progress.’

Dane Hartley – veterinarian: ‘In my estimation I would have to say no. This is because to me I feel terrorism is pushed by fanatics. These fanatics are targeting the young and recruiting them. With being young comes energy, drive and lack of knowledge of the wider picture and the terrorists know this. They know that anything young people go into they will with a lot of effort and energy that is exactly what they want sometimes just to be controversial.’

Collis April- university student: ‘No I don’t think so. How can anyone even think that we are winning the war on terrorism when every day on the news we see new forms of terrorism? It is my view that until developed countries learn not to take advantage of less developed countries there will always be tension and by extension terrorism. Globally we first have to tackle unnecessary wars -there are necessary wars people can’t just sit and take anything. But I mean commonly when you invade someone’s territory for your own greed there will be consequences.’

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