My American visa and vacation(s)

-The Brigadier, Mr Boodoo and “Overseas Voting”

I was once a “student” of American Visas – categories, types, usage, who could qualify for which. Were there some fourteen types?  I’ve lost that intimate interest these days.

However, two events now make me present today’s offering- featuring my encounters with American visitor’s visas – to you.  Firstly, my welcome B1/B2 visa to apply for entry at US ports is about to expire and I can’t be certain I’ll earn a renewal.  And secondly, the very naughty nay, criminal goings-on of my Guyanese countrymen living in the peoples’ America.  The most recent – actually current scandal, I mean.

I won’t even now try to continue to convince the Kingston, Georgetown US Consular Officers, the Divine Creator or President Obama that I, A.A. Fenty, will never want to stay too long nor live in their USA.  I’ll be sorry if I can’t visit but I won’t cry.  My two “American grands” can come here to see me whilst I Endeavour to explore Big, Beautiful Brazil!

But let me entertain you with my somewhat interesting history of my own American visitor’s visas. (Craved by, and refused to, many.)

From Russia, with luck, then…

I first visited the USA in 1979.  Guess where I obtained my first US Visitor’s Visa? In Moscow, USSR! My PNC Comrades, all on an official visit, requested to pass through New York on our way back home.  The Russians frowned but the American diplomats were glad to oblige (me).

Next strange encounter happened at the Miami Airport a few years after the first visa expired.  It was discovered that I did not even have in-transit permission to be on US soil in Miami – on my way to Panama.  So with some amount of compassion at my innocent oversight, I was promptly locked up and kept under surveillance at a far corner of the lovely MIA Airport. Visa granted in Panama City (to this then “illegal”).

Acting in a very senior (PNC) government position, I then had my visitor’s visa cancelled, without prejudice! The non-prejudiced Consular Official somehow determined that I would remain illegally with my wife in New York, if he renewed my means to apply for US entry.  I was hurt.  But my patriotic pride ensured that I never asked our Foreign Affairs people to intervene.  I was quietly even more proud when, months after, the then Chief Consular Officer accosted me by Palm Court wondering why I wouldn’t uplift the by–then renewed visa.  (Incidentally, informed rumour had it that that particular Consular Chief should have married a prominent local lass – and that he did some naughty visa “business” on America Street.  Later Tom Carroll made him look like an angel.)

My American Visa encounters made me write a well-received piece, “trying the front-track” years ago.  It recorded my observations at the US Consulate as Guyanese “tried out” for visitor’s visas one day.

Guyanese muddy Guyanese waters

Imagine my wanting to boast to (impress) the American Immigration folks in New York – that Guyanese – illegal or not – merely wanted to work two, three jobs to share the American dream.  That they did not want to destroy, bomb anywhere in that land of opportunity.

Good Heavens!  How things have changed to drastically compromise my boast.  Just read about the evil, criminal mischief being committed on American territory by some of our country-men.  Banned narcotics galore in innocent containers at the people’s airports, murders, mortgage fraud, credit-card/identity fraud, JFK airport bomb plots! Could you be really annoyed with the wary visa people looking after America’s immigration interests?  I think not!  Even if you tell me other nationalities commit these misdeeds over there too.  I’m concerned with my people. Just consider our population proportionality in relation to other territories which export immigrants and you’ll realize the level of our dubious Guyanese record with the Americans.

Oh well, the conventional wisdom says “American Systems” are vulnerable to the wicked, the lazy and the criminal.  But I love the fact that the lawbreakers run but can’t hide.  They are eventually caught.

Meanwhile, do I vacation elsewhere?

Before Nov. 28, overseas vote?

Recall that last week I expressed the view that the electorate should now be hearing more from Chief Election Officer Gocool Boodoo, directly. Well I still think so.

I’ll tell you, what I wish him to explain to me. Even as a citizen though I’m sticking to my pledge not to vote for any of the Dudes wanting to be my President.  (I’ll accept, without any allegiance, anyone y’all choose.)  But first, what’s with my Brigadier? Not making a grand electoral fight out of the 2011 November 28 battle?  Is the Brigadier and his Colonel Buddies as well as other strategic ranks, waging silent electoral warfare? Okay, so the fellows are in the trenches?  Let Roopnaraine speak out whilst the Granger G.I.’s attack from the PPP’s flanks.  Let RHO¸Basil and Oscar engage GECOM, allowing David’s Decoys to fool the incumbents about actual votes.

To be continued next week.

Now please assist me Mr Boodoo: When I read your notice about the appointment of ballot officers and ballot attendants – for non-resident electors (Section 53(2), Representation of the People’s Act Cap. 1:03, just who will vote at those thirteen (13) named Guyana Overseas Missions?  Embassy staff?  All Guyanese properly registered (when) in Guyana as voters?  Please don’t scoff at my ignorance, please assist me. Thanks, in advance.


*1)   Do you realize that some Parties would have no campaign, were it not for free letters in the print media? (stop printing them for a week, editors.)

*2)   At a July 4 Bar-B-Que in Far Rockaway New York, I was being “fresh” with a buxom brown-skinned young Afro-American lady.  Until I discovered that she was an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Agent!

*3)  Will the new President and His Christmas-time Goodwill Administration deny the CNS TV6 ordinary employees their livelihood?

*3b) The PPP’s Jennifer for Prime Minister!  Who? Robeson!?

*4)  Coming soon: The wealth of the wicked, the sinner…

’Til next week!


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